How to Donate

Gifts and Donations

Tax-exempt donations of any amount to The Slocum-Lunz Foundation will help further its goal of advancing research and education on a variety of topics in marine and natural sciences. Monetary donations can be made online using PayPal or a credit card, or by check made out to "The Slocum-Lunz Foundation". Please send checks to:

Donate by mail:
The Slocum-Lunz Foundation Inc.
c/o Amy Whitaker Dukes
PO Box 12559
Charleston, SC 29422-2559
Donate by PayPal (also accepts Credit Cards):

If you would like further information, please write to the above address or e-mail:

Tax Information

The foundation's Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 57-0371213. Its deductibility status code is PF (Private Foundation).

Donor Appreciation

We are extremely grateful for the East Cooper Outboard Beneficent Group donation of $2,000 in March 2015!