Previously Funded Projects


List of publications that acknowledge funding from The Slocum-Lunz Foundation (Google Scholar, updated March 2015)

Recent Grants


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Total amount awarded: $0.00


  1. Eilea Knotts (University of South Carolina). Response of coastal phytoplankton communities to reduced carbonic anhydrase activity: an assessment of assemblage and size.
  2. Kevin Spanik (College of Charleston). Improving grouper diet resolution in the southeast using molecular tools.
  3. Baylye Boxall (College of Charleston). A comparison of serum Vanin-1 concentration in diving marine mammals and terrestrial mammals.
  4. Nick Weber (College of Charleston). Physiological stress response and post-release mortality of blacktip sharks captured in shore-based and charter recreational fisheries.
  5. Kristin Heidenreich (University of South Carolina). Use of radiolabeled carbon isotope to determine the growth rates of cryptophyte algae.

Total amount awarded: $4,164


  1. Zachary Cannizzo (University of South Carolina). Exploring the effects of climate-mediated range shift on the reproductive potential of an early range-shifting species, the mangrove tree crab (Aratus pisonii).
  2. Jeanette Huber (College of Charleston). Comparing historical and contemporary genetic variation in global populations of largetooth sawtooth, Pristis pristis.
  3. Nicole Judy (University of South Carolina). Development of sandwich hybridization assay for the cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosa.
  4. Kristen Linesch (College of Charleston). Recovery and mortality of the Atlantic horseshoe crab from biomedical bleeding in South Carolina.
  5. William Schroer (University of South Carolina). South Carolina stormwater detention ponds: organic carbon burial and nutrient sequestration.
  6. Kimberly Sitta (College of Charleston). Top-down and bottom-up controls of phytoplankton assemblages in two South Carolina estuaries.
  7. Elizabeth Underwood (College of Charleston). Investigation of the population genetic structure of invasive island apple snails (Pomacea maculata) in South Carolina, USA.

Total amount awarded: $7,103


  1. Ann Wassick (College of Charleston). Reproductive characteristics of the green porcelain crab (Petrolishtes armatus) in oyster reefs in South Carolina and Georgia.
  2. Benjamin Belgrad (University of South Carolina). The effect of individual behavior on fitness.
  3. Claire Stegman (College of Charleston). The development of genetic markers to sex subadult loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) using AFLP technology.
  4. Elise Van Meerssche (University of South Carolina). Allelopathic effects of domoic acid on a natural phytoplankton composition in the North Inlet Estuary, SC.
  5. Jessica McCoy (Medical University of South Carolina). Investigating the impact of modern climate change on sex specific gene expression in the American alligator.
  6. Kevin Mack (College of Charleston). Responses of an invasive crab, Petrolisthes armatus, to extreme cold temperature aberrations.
  7. Kristen Trevey (Coastal Carolina University). Co-occurrence and competition between the saltmarsh resident killifishes, Fundulus luciae (Baird, 1855) and F. heteroclitus (Linnaeus, 1766) in South Carolina.
  8. Mark Lehtonen (College of Charleston). The effect of hypercapnic hypoxia on performance in the Atlantic blue crab.
  9. Wiley Sinkus (College of Charleston). Mercury bioaccumulation in six reef fish species from the Atlantic waters of the southeastern US. 

Total amount awarded: $7,262


  1. Shelby Butz (University of South Carolina). Uptake and fate of silver nanoparticles in the American Oyster, Crassostrea virginica.
  2. Liz Duermit (College of Charleston). Emigration of stone crab (Menippe spp.) from a densely populated subtidal area using mark-recapture methods.
  3. Robin Frede (College of Charleston). Low temperature tolerance of overwintering white shrimp Litopenaeus setiferus in South Carolina.
  4. Savannah Klein (University of South Carolina). Selective advantage of pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus in the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica.
  5. Christopher Mealey (College of Charleston). Using an individual-based model to assess the impacts of stocked red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, on wild population genetic diversity.
  6. Megan Riley (University of South Carolina). Climate change-mediated range expansion of a major mangrove consumer into salt marsh habitat.
  7. Yuan Shen (University of South Carolina). Diurnal and seasonal changes in labile dissolved organic matter in a salt-marsh estuary.
  8. Daniela Silva (Coastal Carolina University). Stock structure, abundance, and distribution of coastal bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) off the Grand Strand, South Carolina.


  1. Douglas Bell (University of South Carolina). Dissolved organic phosphorus characterization and potential utilization by phytoplankton in the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela.
  2. Savannah Klein (University of South Carolina). Selective advantage of pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus in the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica.
  3. Jackie Leidig (College of Charleston). Genetic population structure of black drum (Pogonias cromis) in U.S. waters.
  4. Kathryn Levasseur (University of South Carolina). Population structure, life history patterns and nesting behavior of a hawksbill sea turtle nesting assemblage in the Eastern Caribbean.
  5. Rebecca Mortensen (College of Charleston). Sandwich hybridization assay (SHA) as a novel genetic approach for rapid identification and quantification of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) eggs.
  6. Megan Riley (University of South Carolina). Effects of climate change on life history and species range of the mangrove tree crab Aratus pisonii.
  7. Jason Smith (College of Charleston). Effects of irradiance levels on the abundance of ice-binding protein transcripts in the sea-ice diatom, Fragilariopsis cylindrus.